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Route optimization

Tool for operational level of transport optimization

Optimize routes of predefined locations

Using this solution users have possibility to quickly, accurately and efficiently plan the delivery of goods or field trips by commercialists. Transport managers can efficiently manage the fleet, plan business, compare planned and realized tasks, with efficient integration with the existing information systems in their company, investing minimal resources in all this.

MobTrack:24 Route planning is a model for optimal routing through a procedure that requires accuracy and precision, while finding the route of movement of the vehicle, so that the distance traveled is as small as possible, and all given prerequisites formulated by the user of this solution are met. This is a solution for companies that want to optimize their transport activities and costs, not leaving them to chance, as well as to deal with the analysis of realization of their fleet.


More information
What does MobTrack:24 Route planning allow?
MobTrack:24 Route planning is a tool for the operational level of transport optimization. This module is a modern tool for defining and monitoring key indicators of transport business of companies dealing with transport and logistics. Users have at their disposal a wide range of available reports or the ability to create their own, to track all important aspects of the business, with the costs included.

Standard MobTrack:24 Route planning functions consists of travel orders for drivers, plans and maps, as well as an overview of route statistics, with reports on unrealized routes and unrealized time assumptions, with a precise overview of the utilization of transport and human resources. It is possible to model transport routes by increasing the quality of services and shortening transport routes.

What is needed to use this solution?
The routing module can also be applied by companies that do not have established procedures related to the processes of manual or automatic optimization of vehicle management. The system is also applicable in companies that do not have precise plans for the use of vehicles, nor the exact geographical position of the locations where their vehicles have to visit.

For more advanced use of the system, it is necessary to locate all objects that are interesting to the user.

The most advanced way to use it is to integrate the MobTrack:24 Route planning with the user information system. On that occasion, vehicle tour plans can be obtained from the information system, which are optimized with the help of a routing system. Tour plans, ie plans for the transport of goods, are formed jointly. For this case of application, it is necessary to provide IT resources for the integration of these two systems.

Functionalities of Route planning:

  • handling of points of interest (POI), ie. locations of interest to the user
  • open interface that allows communication with WMS / ERP users and integration with the user information system in the routing process
  • selection of the optimal order of site visits
  • finding the optimal route between given locations
  • preparation of delivery plans for one vehicle, group of vehicles or all vehicles of the user
  • generating a travel or work order for the driver that contains logistical parameters
  • navigation to all locations on the route, monitoring and analysis of route realization


Who is Route planning for?

  • companies that do not have clear plans for the use of vehicles. For these users, the module can be used for driving analysis and based on that it can be assessed whether drivers use the optimal routes between the locations where they stopped
  • companies that have located facilities to visit, but do not have precise delivery plans. These users can use the routing module to check the movement of vehicles in relation to locations of interest, as well as whether the routes they make are optimal both in order and in the way of touring between locations of interest
  • companies that have sufficient criteria for optimizing the planning of user locations, ie choosing the shortest or fastest route. In this case, it is necessary for the user, in addition to the locations of points of interest, to provide a list of vehicles that should visit those locations at a certain time. The MobTrack:24 Route planning system will optimize the order of the tour and select the optimal route, as well as control the execution of work tasks
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