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When working in the field, agricultural machines move very slowly and consume large amounts of fuel. Also, it is of great importance to know the territory that is being cultivated, considering that agricultural areas do not have clearly marked borders. MobTrack:24 system gives users the ability to identify areas of interest on a map and track whether the machine is operating outside that area or not. Any exit from the predefined area is alarmed and thus prevents unnecessary fuel consumption and working hours by working in an area that is not of interest.

An important feature of MobTrack:24 is the ability to generate various reports related to driver performance. One of them is fuel consumption for each agricultural machine, for any period of time. For each machine it is possible to get an insight into the following data: distance traveled, period of inactivity, fuel consumption during the period of inactivity and while driving, total consumption. These data are of great importance to the fleet manager in the field of agriculture given the impact of fuel prices on the total cost of works. Therefore, accurate information on fuel consumption, working exclusively in the area of ​​interest and constant monitoring give agricultural companies the opportunity to reduce operating costs.

What the user gets?
  • monitoring fuel consumption via flow meters
  • monitoring fuel levels via fuel level sensor
  • authorization of the driver (impossibility to start the vehicle without the one who is authorized to register in it. In this way, persons who are not trained to work with the machine are prevented from using it)
  • driver identification (it is always known who drove the machine, working hours of the driver, possibility of alarm if the driver who is not on the driver's list drives the vehicle (soft authorization))
  • very precise monitoring of engine operating hours via battery voltage
  • impact force measurement (high force alarm)
  • geozoning and alarm in case of leaving the zone or entering the forbidden zone
  • monitoring the operation of working machine parts via digital and analog inputs
  • monitoring of pressures and temperatures on working machines
  • possibility of collecting 45 parameters from the CAN bus for 200 models of working machines
  • reports on the operation of the working machine (hours, operation of certain elements, fuel consumption, location of operation)
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