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MobTrack:24 Mobile Fuel Self Service

...or how to provide a simple, intuitive, robust
and smart fuel management system




Mobile fuel station

It is possible to borrow a large amount of fuel in field conditions via mobile self-service fuel stations. The problem that arises is the lack of control over the process of borrowing fuel.

It's time for MobTrack:24 Mobile Fuel Self Service. This service enables the management of re-fueling places, control of every tank and real-time data processing.

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In order to make mobile stations supply a fully controlled process, Mobile Solutions has developed a solution that allows customers:

Mobility - delivery of fuel at any location including uncategorized and field roads;

Robustness - transported using off-road vehicles and tractors;

Autonomy - fuel is poured on the principle of self-service. The grinder can charge the fuel, ie do the filling

Identification - identification of the person refueling, as well as the vehicle in which the fuel is refilled;

Authorization - refueling can be done only by a person who has been given a permit;

Precision - records of each refueling are made and enables complete control of the fuel borrowing process;

Location - precise location of the place of pouring;

Adaptability of the solution - the system can be installed on existing filling stations without the need to change system components (tank, pump, flow meter, grinder, etc.);

Complete fuel management - the ability to access all data on refueling from the moment of installation of the system, statistical reports by mobile station, vehicle, fuel type, dispenser and more;

Openness - the ability to access data through an open interface and for other systems that want to use the data.

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