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Dynamic routing

A tool for making optimal plans for the delivery of goods

Cloud based solution for route optimization

MobTrack:24 Dynamics is a cloud-based solution that offers a route optimization option that takes into account all orders, ie all ordered goods that the company has received and that need to be sent to those who ordered the goods. This module is integrated with the ERP system from which the orders come, the WMS system in which the goods to be distributed are located and the fleet management system from which the optimization vehicles are taken over and which additionally serves to check the realization of planned routes. MobTrack:24 Dynamics is one of Mobile Solution's most advanced tools.

Some of the advantages of the solution are reflected in the low implementation costs compared to ERP/WMS solutions. It is important to say that there is no investment in hardware and software licenses.

More information

Functionalities of Dynamics:

  • routing with collection and delivery, as well as delivery and return collection
  • display of all and selected routes on the map and visual inspection
  • manual route editing using drag and drop techniques
  • display of Gantt charts route vehicle - time - service / drive, as well as vehicle - time - vehicle capacity
  • generation of statistical reports (distance traveled; driving time, services; tour price, etc.)
  • production of delivery notes and consignment notes
  • navigation to all locations on the route and monitoring and analysis of route realization

Who is Dynamics for?

MobTrack:24 Dynamics is intended for small, medium and large companies that have the desire and conditions to apply the concept of dynamic routing. Organizational prerequisites for using this module are the possession of ERP or some other system from which orders can be obtained, knowledge of the locations of all customers, as well as knowledge of the volume and / or weight of all items or orders.
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