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Integration with ERP/WMS



Integration with users business system

In order to integrate with the business information system of the user, it is necessary, in addition to the modern architecture of the system, to analyze well the needs of the user, as well as to understand those business processes.
Below are concrete examples of successful integration with business information systems of three users from different business domains.

More information

The example of the integration of MobTrack:24 systems into the company's business information system was demonstrated on the example of DIS. The following business processes of the company were monitored:

  • vehicle use control
  • control of the process of borrowing and deleveraging fuel
  • cold supply chain monitoring
  • calculating the elements for the payment of employees' salaries
  • company management reports and
  • assistance to drivers in unforeseen situations

Centar za reciklažu
In addition to monitoring and controlling the use of vehicles, integration with the business system was performed and monitoring of the realization of planned tasks was successfully implemented. Data obtained from MobTrack:24 systems are (apart from mileage and driving time) both crane-grapple operating time and idle engine operating time.

After the integration, MobTrack:24 users can track vehicles in the eMap system of Timocom, a leader in the field of transport management. In this way, companies engaged in the delivery of goods can offer customers to whom they transport goods, among other information on transport, information on the position of the vehicle performing the transport.

The information flow between the recipient of the order and the ordering party has become much shorter and more efficient, because all vehicles are visible on the platform for business partners.
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