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ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others in traffic. Now you have help...

Mobileye is a high-tech solution that deals with technologies for avoiding traffic accidents, as well as the development of systems for self-driving cars. Mobileye has partnerships with Tesla Motors, General Motors, Volvo and BMW.

With the desire to offer customers, and especially those who directly drive vehicles, an additional level of security, Mobile Solutions has this solution in its portfolio of services. This is a solution that automatically warns the driver of the danger of collisions with pedestrians or cyclists, too short distance to the vehicle in front, crossing the line on the road without the direction indicator on, exceeding the speed limit, etc...

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Mobileye is an advanced collision risk reduction system that uses artificial visual sensors to view the area in front of the vehicle and draw visual attention to the potential danger with visual and audio warnings. Rightly, this system is used by leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.

This system can:

  • Identify vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians on the driver's path
  • Warn the driver of the potential danger
  • Detect signs / lines on the road, traffic signs to limit driving speed

All of these features make Mobileye an extremely precise and advanced system that helps drivers. Fleets of vehicles using the Mobileye system can notice the difference almost immediately after installation, as drivers become aware of their behavior (driving style) and begin to drive more carefully. In addition, due to the corrected driving style of the fleet, vehicles show a tendency to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, but also collisions resulting from leaving the lane (a decrease of 43%)

Mobileye functions as a independent system, but can also be integrated with MobTrack:24, ensuring that data from the Mobileye system can be monitored in real time via the MobTrack:24 application. In this way, greater visibility is achieved when it comes to driver behavior thus reducing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

The advantages of the Mobileye system are reflected in:

  • Warning drivers in time so they can react and thus avoid collisions
  • Improving driving style (drivers become aware of their behavior, ie driving habits)
  • Reduction of vehicle insurance premiums (if this option is available)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Simple driver training
  • Easy integration with other systems (MobTrack:24)
Warning of danger of collision with pedestrians or cyclists
Pedestrians and cyclists are the most endangered participants in traffic, often difficult to recognize for drivers. Mobileye warns with visual and audio alarms up to 2 seconds before an upcoming collision with a pedestrian or cyclist.

Collision warning of the vehicle in front
Leaving the lane (unintentional crossing of the line)
Maintaining a safe distance
Maintaining a safe distance between the two vehicles is extremely important. If the vehicle in front brakes abruptly, the safe distance allows the driver enough time to stop in time and avoid a collision. Mobileye provides visual and audio warning if the distance becomes unsafe.

Speed limit indication
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