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Public companies

As the business environment is constantly changing, public companies must take into account the constraints imposed on them by the market:
  • harmonization of laws with EU regulations
  • consumer needs and expectations are constantly growing and diversifying
  • operating costs increase and budgets decrease
  • activities are monitored from several places: consumer organizations, governments
MobTrack:24 has opportunities that can serve public companies to overcome the challenges of stressful activities, a large number of clients and locations where maintenance is performed.

What the user gets?

  • electronic proof of work performed
  • activity report
  • sending the nearest vehicle to the required location
  • checking the time required for the intervention
  • increasing vehicle use through route monitoring and optimization
  • reports on visited areas and routes to them
  • communication with the driver via SMS directly from the system
  • activity control of load-lifting / lowering devices
  • eliminating unauthorized driving, increasing efficiency and thus revenue
  • control of fuel consumption and alarm of theft of the same
  • recording active engine operation and idle operation
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