Event reconstruction

The reason for making special report (standard reports can be created by user of MobTrack:24 application), is traffic accidents which took place two days before report was generated. All data that are part of the report come from the system and all the reports (information, maps, graphs) are made using MobTrack:24 system.

In addition to general information about the vehicle (vehicle type, registration) and GPS tracking device, the report contains detailed information on the distance traveled (switching on the vehicle ignition, starting the engine and start driving, the engine downtime, distance traveled and average speed).

graph of driving speed

Data about speed and driving duration are given through numerical values and graphs:

  • Driving duration with speed less then 80 km/h: 23:31 (minutes:seconds)
  • Driving duration with speed higher then 80 km/h: 26:26
  • Driving duration with speed higher then 90 km/h: 17:03
  • Driving duration with speed higher then 100 km/h: 6:45
  • Average speed: 79 km/h
  • Maximum speed : 110 km/h (5:16:49, location – between Njegoševo and Bagremovo)

graphical presentation of speed over 100 km/h

Location of vehicle in the moment of accident, as well as parameters of driving before car accident, are described in details: 500m from intersection of regiaonal road R108 (Bačka Topola – Bečej, towards Bečej) and local road Srbobran – Mileševo.

Speeds just before the accident (last three measured, in last 600m):

  • 600 m before accident place: 100 km/h
  • 320 m before accident place: 103 km/h
  • moment of accident: 104 km/h

Average speed before accident (in the last 600m): 102.3 km/h

Vehicle speed in the moment of car accident: 104 km/h

Distance between last two position of data sending (place of car accident and assumed lace of vehicle stoping): around 100m

graphical presentation of car accident place, 2D overview with telemetric data

closer, 3D overview of car accident place